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Prof. Broverman has been an author for ACTEX for 30 years. He is currently the author for the ACTEX Study Manuals for Exams P and C and he is the author of the Exam FM and EA1 text "Mathematics of Investment and Credit". The study guides for Exams P and C and the textbook can be obtained from ACTEX . Prof. Broverman has prepared study guides for Exam FM/CAS 2 and Exam MLC.  These can be ordered directly from Prof. Broverman (use the order form at the link: Order Form). Details on the study guide contents and format can be found at the Course links. The latest errata lists can be found below.

  The study guides are priced as follows (prices include 1st class postage):
  FM/CAS 2 $90 Order
  MLC (SOA) $150 Order




ACTEX Exam P/1 2009 Study Guide Errata

S Broverman 2009 Exam FM/2 Study Guide Errata

S Broverman 2009 Exam MLC Study Guide Errata

ACTEX Exam C/4 2009 Study Guide Errata






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