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Seminar Structure and Format

At the seminar, the aim is to review exam topics comprehensively and in as much detail as possible in the allotted time. I try to focus on conceptual understanding along with an emphasis on developing efficient problem solving skills and problem identification skills.

The ultimate goal of the seminar is your success on the exam. Under actual exam conditions, time disappears all too quickly and it is important to be prepared to make the best use of time. In my seminars I identify shortcuts in problem solving wherever possible. I also believe that having as many formulas and concepts memorized is crucial to exam success (there is no time to derive relationships from basic principles, although being able to do so is a good indicator of the level of understanding of the material). Memorizing formulas and problem solving techniques can best be achieved by working through as many problems as possible in the time leading up to the exam. The study material used in conjunction with the seminars has an extensive collection of practice problems and a number of practice exams that have been designed to replicate the level of difficulty and distribution of topics found on the actual exam.

Most (or all) of the seminar will be lecture format, in which important underlying concepts will be reviewed along with presentation of solutions to many former exam and exam-related problems. I am available by e-mail ( or ) and telephone (416-966-9111), both before and after the seminar for questions that arise relating to the exam and the seminar study material. At the seminar, there will be time for questions in both a group and individual setting, and you are encouraged to ask questions about any of the exam material.

Participants are strongly urged to have completed at least one, and preferably two readings of all catalog reference material and study guide material prior to the seminar.

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